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       Yuxing Construction Engineering Co., LTDCreated in 1993,After the restructuring in 2002,Now is a collection of housing construction installation, municipal public works, decoration, steel structure, anti-corrosion insulation, urban roads and lighting, real estate development, labor subcontracting and other diversified large-scale modern enterprises,With industrial and civil construction, decoration, municipal, steel structure, anti-corrosion insulation, real estate development and other production capacity。It has the construction industry design Class A, construction engineering construction general contracting Class, municipal public engineering construction general contracting Class I, mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting Class I, highway engineering construction general contracting Class II, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction general Contracting Class II, metallurgical engineering construction general contracting Class II, electric power and engineering construction general Contracting Class II, port and waterway engineering construction general Contracting Class II, and foundation engineeringCheng professional contracting level 1, fire facilities engineering professional contracting level 1, building decoration engineering professional contracting level 1, waterproof anticorrosion insulation engineering professional contracting level 2, steel structure engineering professional contracting level 2, urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting level 3 and other qualifications。

       The company registered capital of 369 million yuan,AAA credit rating,It has 10 branches and more than 20 project departments,There are more than 410 professional management personnel,More than 320 people have high and intermediate professional and technical titles,More than 1600 sets of large and medium-sized machinery and equipment,The annual production (construction) capacity is more than 3 billion yuan。Over the years, the company has been rated as "contract-honoring enterprise", "tax-paying advanced collective Enterprise", "AAA credit Enterprise" in Henan Province, "Honest and trustworthy unit of construction project bidding enterprises in Henan Province".,It has been awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Construction Enterprise of Henan Province", "Advanced Enterprise of Construction Engineering Quality Management of Henan Province" and "Advanced Enterprise of Construction Safety of Henan Province" by the Provincial Construction Department and the Municipal Construction Commission for many times。The company has successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001-OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification。

       The company has established a scientific, standardized and strict management system, construction technology, technological innovation and application, quality management, safe and civilized construction, project investment and construction all achieve standardized management。Through scientific management system and rigorous process control, the normal management of modern enterprises is gradually realized。Since June 2015, it has been put into the use of information management software,Take information network technology as the tool,Information data center,The information platform is driven,Strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises,Improve business quality and performance,Strengthen management of enterprise behavior,Comprehensively enhance the management level and core competitiveness of enterprises,Realized the leapfrog development of the company。While strengthening the development of information construction, the company also pays attention to the development of enterprise technology centers, and realizes the goal of "vigorously building core competitiveness, accelerating transformation and upgrading for development"。The company always regards technological innovation as an important support for enterprise development, and constantly increases investment in technology research and development. In 2014, the company established an enterprise technology center, and passed the evaluation of provincial enterprise technology center in 2017。


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Establish a first-class corporate image

We strive to create value for life and establish a responsible, trustworthy, world-class corporate image。Provide products and services to the society, expand social employment, carry out social welfare activities, and become a model of responsible corporate citizenship。

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Constantly create market demand

In-depth study of customer needs, timely discovery, mining and leading future market opportunities, accurate market positioning, product positioning and brand positioning。On the basis of discovering and grasping the needs of potential customers, constantly create new market demand。

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Exquisite seiko boutique gathering

Regard quality as life, pay close attention to product quality, and do the best for customers to the maximum possible!To meet customer demand for products and various requirements。Others can not do, we can do;What others can do, we will do better。

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Xinnong Lianbang Building, intersection of Puji Road and Fulu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

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