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Henan 2023 "everyone certificate, skill Henan" construction work plan released

Henan 2023 "everyone certificate, skill Henan" construction work plan released

  • 分类:News center
  • 作者:Yu Xiaoxing
  • 来源: Henan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security
  • Release time:2023-03-11 10:45
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【bt365体育娱乐】全年完成职业技能培训300万人次以上(含补贴培训105万人次),新增技能人才200万人,新增High skill人才80万人。(See Annex 1 and 2 for the division of tasks)

Henan 2023 "everyone certificate, skill Henan" construction work plan released

【bt365体育娱乐】全年完成职业技能培训300万人次以上(含补贴培训105万人次),新增技能人才200万人,新增High skill人才80万人。(See Annex 1 and 2 for the division of tasks)

  • 分类:News center
  • 作者:Yu Xiaoxing
  • 来源: Henan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security
  • Release time:2023-03-11 10:45
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Source: Henan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security

1. Target tasks
全年完成职业技能培训300万人次以上(含补贴培训105万人次),新增技能人才200万人,新增High skill人才80万人。(See Annex 1 and 2 for the division of tasks)
Ii. Key work
(1) Precise implementation of ten training projects。We will continue to provide services for development and maintain stable employment,We will continue to improve the lifelong vocational skills training system,We will work to resolve structural employment problems,Give prominence to the real economy,Focus on the main direction of manufacturing,Accurately match the employment needs of industrial enterprises,Carry out order-type, post type, package type, project system, title class and other training,We will increase the supply of highly skilled and highly skilled personnel in urgent need and in short supply,Comprehensively improve the training accuracy and personnel fit,We will effectively promote the deep integration of the training of skilled personnel and the upgrading and development of industries。
1.Implementation of manufacturing skills foundation engineering training。Implement the Skills for China Initiative,Focus on manufacturing strong province construction,Implementation of manufacturing skills foundation project,We will launch a program to cultivate high-skilled leaders,Closely align with the "Ten Strategies" and 10 major advanced manufacturing clusters,Set up a skill supply and demand ledger,To provincial and municipal project system training as traction,It mainly relies on leading enterprise training centers, technical colleges, and vocational schools of middle and higher education,We will vigorously carry out skills upgrading training for employees in the fields of next-generation information technology, key software, and digital skills,We will accelerate the training of high-quality skilled personnel urgently needed for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry,Annual training of more than 300,000 people,The number of skilled personnel and highly skilled personnel increased by 200,000 and 80,000。(责任单位:省工业和信息化厅、省政府国资委、省Human resources社会保障厅、省教育厅、省科技厅、省总工会、团省委)
2.We will implement skills training programs for modern service industries。We will continue to improve the home-based community elderly care service system,Large-scale training has been carried out for professionals with life-cycle health care skills, such as elderly care, childcare, health care, and medical care,Give play to the role of Henan Medical and health technician College national (health) training demonstration base for high-skill talents,Deepen co-construction and cooperation with the Chinese Society of Research Hospitals,We will vigorously carry out teacher rotation training and socialized training,Increase the elderly application of intelligent equipment operation training,High quality to create "Henan nurse" brand。Every year, 100,000 people are trained, 50,000 skilled personnel and 20,000 highly skilled personnel are added。(责任单位:省民政厅、省卫生健康委、省Human resources社会保障厅、省教育厅、省妇联)推动“互联网+”“数字+”“文旅+文创”等融合发展,Skills training in short video production, cultural relic restoration and intangible cultural heritage inheritance will be increased,High-quality construction of the Yellow River cultural tourism belt with international influence,Year completed training 1.50,000 people, 10,000 new skilled personnel, high-skilled personnel 0.5万人。(Responsible units: Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Bureau of Radio and Television, Provincial Bureau of Sports) Continue to promote the revitalization of Henan cuisine,Increase Changyuan chef, Xinyang chef cultivation,Support leading enterprises to build "Henan Cuisine Master" enterprise integrating production and education,Select and name a group of Henan cuisine master skill talent training base, production, study and research base,Every year, 100,000 people are trained, 50,000 skilled personnel and 20,000 highly skilled personnel are added。(Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security) Make Henan garment industry bigger and stronger,Highlight textile, women's wear, children's wear, professional wear, sweaters and other subdivisions,Increase the "Henan Zhinu" practitioners pre-job training, job skills improvement training,Annual training of 100,000 people,The number of skilled personnel and highly skilled personnel increased by 60,000 and 20,000。(责任单位:省工业和信息化厅、省Human resources社会保障厅、省妇联)落实“河南电商”三年行动,加大电子商务、互联网营销等从业人员培训,Annual training of 100,000 people,新增技能人才5万人、High skill人才3万人。(Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security)
3.We will carry out special training programs for high-quality farmers。推进农村党支部书记、村两委成员等致富带头人“乡村振兴+项目制”培训,提升适应新形势、发展新产业、催生新业态能力。加大高附加值种植、养殖、农产品加工、农村电商等培训,持续推进“整村推进”职业技能培训评价。建立和完善乡村工匠培育机制,挖掘培养一批、传承发展一批、提升壮大一批乡村工匠,建立乡村工匠园,推动乡村特色产业发展,促进农民创业就业,打造“豫农技工”品牌。Every year, 500,000 people are trained, 300,000 skilled personnel and 50,000 highly skilled personnel are added。(责任单位:省委组织部、省农业农村厅、省乡村振兴局、省Human resources社会保障厅、省教育厅、省住房城乡建设厅、省商务厅、省林业局、省供销社、省邮政管理局)
4.Implementation of "safe Henan" skills training。加大化工、矿山、金属冶炼、石油及天然气开采、特种设备作业、建筑施工特种作业等生产人员和保安员、安检员、消防设施操作员、安全防范系统安装维护员等安全保护服务人员技能培训。开展高危行业职业技能培训专项清理,依法取缔一批非法培训评价机构,严厉打击“黑中介”等各类违规违法行为。Every year, 150,000 people were trained, 150,000 skilled personnel and 40,000 highly skilled personnel were added。(责任单位:省应急厅、省工业和信息化厅、省公安厅、省住房城乡建设厅、省市场监管局、省Human resources社会保障厅)
5.Implement the "beautiful Henan" skill training program。强化“绿水青山就是金山银山”理念,加大山水林田湖草沙从业人员培训,全面提升水土保持、森林经营和管护、森林消防、草地监护、野生动植物保护、绿化与园艺服务等从业人员技能水平。Annually, 20,000 people are trained, 10,000 new skilled personnel and 0 highly skilled personnel are added.3万人。(Responsible units: Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Provincial Forestry Bureau, Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Bureau of Rural Revitalization)
6.We will implement skills training programs for key groups。组织毕业学年的普通高校学生(不含技工学校、职业院校)、各类离校未就业毕业生、农民工、脱贫人口、卫生防疫人员、失业人员、退役军人、残疾人、滩区迁建群众、库区移民、海(船)员、社区矫正对象、强制隔离戒毒人员以及符合条件的在押服刑人员(服刑期间未参加过职业技能培训、符合晋升上一级职业技能等级、刑期至2025年前)等开展就业技能培训。Entrepreneurship training will be provided to those who are willing and qualified to start their own businesses。Regular training on the health needs of epidemic prevention and control will be carried out。Every year, 300,000 people are trained, 200,000 skilled personnel and 80,000 highly skilled personnel are added。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省教育厅、省卫生健康委、省商务厅、省司法厅、省乡村振兴局)
7.We will implement skills training programs in vocational colleges。坚持技工院校法治化、规范化、品牌化、国际化建设方向,优化职业教育类型定位,深入推进育人方式、办学模式、管理体制、保障机制改革。We will promote the transformation of some undergraduate colleges and universities into application-oriented institutions of higher learning, and gradually expand the enrollment of vocational undergraduate education。推动技工院校、中高等职业学校面向企业职工、农村转移劳动力、失业人员等开展就业技能培训和中国特色企业新型学徒制培训。大力推进工学一体化技能人才培养模式,以“名师名校名专业”为抓手,推进技工教育联盟(集团)、技工院校专业指导团队建设。Implement the engineering of technical colleges to meet the standards of educational conditions, and build the brand of technical colleges in the new era。深化放管服改革,积极支持社会力量举办技工院校,支持技师学院设立分校,按规定举办企业。It trained 1 million people annually, adding 750,000 skilled personnel and 400,000 highly skilled personnel。(Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security)
8.Implementation of human resources brand training。Promote the introduction of provincial human resource brand building programs such as "Henan code farmers" and "Henan Agricultural Technology workers",Select and build the second batch of 30 provincial human resources brand bases,We will accelerate the construction of the first batch of 30 brand projects,Strengthen performance output,Improve standardized training, large-scale output, the whole process of service level,The brand drives the development of training evaluation and employment income,Annual training of 200,000 people,The number of skilled personnel increased by 170,000 and the number of highly skilled personnel increased by 50,000。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省民政厅、省农业农村厅、省科技厅、省住房城乡建设厅、省商务厅)
9.We will implement special training programs for highly skilled personnel。全面落实省委、省政府加强新时代High skill人才队伍建设的实施意见,围绕我省重大战略、重大工程、重大项目、重点产业,建立急需紧缺High skill人才需求清单,突出High skill人才、大国工匠培育,壮大国家战略人才力量。Continue to implement technician training programs, and complete 40,000 new technicians and senior technicians。督促行业部门和组织做好High skill人才供需预测和培养规划,支持企业依托培训中心、产教融合实训基地、High skill人才培训基地、公共实训基地、技能大师工作室、劳模和工匠创新工作室等加大High skill人才培养。发挥技师学院、高级技工学校、高等职业院校培育主阵地作用,进一步扩大高级工班(类)以上招生规模,年招生10万人以上。We will expand the proportion of new apprenticeship training for senior workers in enterprises with Chinese characteristics。Improve the project-based training model, and carry out differentiated high-skilled personnel training projects for different categories and groups。We will support local governments in carrying out training for highly skilled personnel through projects, orders, packages, government procurement, and open bidding。出台特级技师、首席技师评选办法,支持规模以上企业设立特级技师、首席技师,落实“新八级工”制度。建立High skill人才研修和休疗养制度,遴选100名优秀High skill人才开展交流研修和休疗养活动;推进High skill人才联盟建设,建立High skill人才信息库,提升High skill人才服务数字化水平。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省教育厅、省工业和信息化厅、省政府国资委、省总工会)
10.Implementation of vocational skills competition training program。统筹各类职业技能竞赛,高质量举办第二届全省职业技能大赛,积极备战第47届世界技能大赛、第二届全国技能大赛、第二届全国乡村振兴技能大赛。Build a number of provincial Worldskills Competition training bases and strive to create the 47th Worldskills Competition training base in China。推动省辖市(济源示范区、航空港区)普遍开展综合性技能竞赛活动,年开展不少于100个职业(工种)竞赛,举办1000场以上赛事活动,实现10000名以上选手取得职业资格证书或职业技能等级证书。Strengthen the transformation of competition results。Completed training by competition 11.50,000 people, the increase of highly skilled personnel 0.2万人。(Responsible units: Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Provincial Youth League Committee, Provincial Women's Federation, Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation)
(2) Optimize the quality of training evaluation structure。实施职业技能培训标准化建设,开展“人人持证、技能河南”建设质量年活动,定期分析培训评价质量结构。强化目录清单管理,2022年以来审计、检查发现存在明显问题的机构不得开展政府补贴性培训评价。Highlight regional leading industries,Highlight the main direction of manufacturing,郑州、洛阳、新乡、濮阳、焦作、许昌、济源、航空港区制造业补贴性培训人次数不低于年度补贴性培训总量的30%,Nanyang, Shangqiu, Xinyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian not less than 20%,Not less than 25% in other cities;Optimize the professional structure of training and evaluation,We will accelerate the realization of full coverage of training and evaluation occupations (types of work) in regional leading industries。纳入目录管理的制造业企业培训中心,必须具备与培训相一致的师资(具备相应数量的持有教师资格证的教师)、场地、设施等基本条件。本区域内已有相关培训、评价机构的,除技工学校外,未经省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组办公室同意,不得跨省辖市(济源示范区、航空港区)开展政府补贴性培训。加大劳务输出地、输入地服务对接,加强与中西部省市以及“一带一路”沿线国家与地区365体育娱乐,推进省外技能培训。(Responsible unit: Member of the provincial Leading Group for the construction of "Everyone has a certificate and skills Henan" and the Provincial Communications Administration)
3. We strengthened oversight over the whole process。Strictly implement the whole process management (see Annex 3),所有政府补贴类信息须录入河南省技能人才管理服务信息系统(2023年1月1日前相关延续信息继续录入原系统)或“互联网+就业创业”系统,Achieve "zero subsidies for training into the system and outside the system"。进一步压减专项职业能力证书、培训合格证书取证规模(商丘、信阳、周口、驻马店专项职业能力证书和培训合格证书总量不超过取证总数的20%,其他市地不超过10%)。Certificate training shall not be less than 40 class hours (except for those with specific class hours)。In the absence of laws or documents at or above the provincial level, designated agencies shall not be arbitrarily designated。
1.Strict class approval。压实培训机构审核把关第一责任人责任,开班前开展问卷调查,严格比对人员信息,杜绝无相应培训意愿、无就业意愿、无就业能力人员参加政府补贴性培训,并将培训人员、师资等信息录入河南省技能人才管理服务信息系统。The number of starting classes is based on the actual number of training, and the number of training is based on the average number of on-site inspection。Where effective supervision can be achieved through video recording, remote video and other means, spot inspections may no longer be carried out。企业职工须参加与本人岗位相同或相近的职业(工种)培训,转岗职工参加培训的职业(工种)与原岗位职业(工种)不得隶属于同一职业分类。培训机构不得对除特殊职业教育、普通高校外的毕业年度在校生开展政府补贴性职业技能培训(创业培训除外)。职业技能培训师生比、工位与培训学员比保持在1∶20以内,每个专业每个班级不少于2名教师,每班人数不超过80人,每课时不低于40分钟,实操培训不少于总课时的60%。同一培训机构对同一企业同一职业(工种)开展企业新型学徒制培训不超过200人,具备开展学制教育资质的培训机构年内开展企业新型学徒制培训总量不超过1000人,其他机构年内不超过400人。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组成员单位、省通信管理局)
2.Strengthen process supervision。Training period,At least one field inspection or random inspection shall be carried out by the competent department of the industry or the department of human resources and social security in the territory,Record the inspection truthfully;Subsidized training must be recorded through face recognition check-in equipment and video surveillance equipment,Access to Henan Province skilled personnel management service information system,主管单位通过远程实时巡查、视频回放、查看人脸识别签到记录等方式监管;理论教学全程录像,The continuous video recording for each class hour is not less than 15 minutes,对同一班次录像无法显示全体参训人员达3次及以上的取消补贴资格;支持市县利用河南省技能人才管理服务信息系统或自筹资金建立本地信息化监管平台;培训视频留存3年;对Training period确有特殊原因未按时参加培训的,Required courses can be completed by means of make-up courses before the completion assessment (full video recording required),Included in the training attendance rate;The training satisfaction survey was carried out after the training,Suspension of completion assessment of less than 85%,Reorganize training or cancel duty subsidy eligibility,Carry out rectification for at least one month。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组成员单位、省通信管理局)
3.Strict completion assessment。对能够取得职业资格证书、职业技能等级证书、特种作业操作证书、特种设备作业证书、专项职业能力证书的,必须组织培训学员参加鉴定评价或考核,直接组织培训合格证书考核的不予补贴。When the assessment and evaluation personnel of the same occupation (type of work) of the same level in the same region are small, it can be coordinated and centralized。县级以上Human resources社会保障部门应加强全过程监管,发现问题及时处理,对存在问题的依法依纪依规处理,问题突出的纳入“黑名单”,动态退出。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组成员单位、省通信管理局)
4.Disburse funds in a timely and secure manner。申领补贴落实两人以上经办审查签字,加强内部监督;审查结果在官方网站等进行不少于5天的公示;Human resources社会保障部门按月向财政部门汇总推送符合补贴条件的人员等信息,由财政部门审核确认后按规定拨付补贴资金。(Responsible unit: Human resources, social security and financial departments at all levels)
(4) Improve the quality and efficiency of the national skills revitalization project construction。推进2022年项目建设,加快2023年省级项目库建设和项目评审,征集2024年入库项目,形成提前一年征集入库一批、当年支持建设一批、次年建成产出一批的“三个一批”项目建设格局。Implementation of ministry and provincial cooperation,新建一批国家级High skill人才培训基地、国家级技能大师工作室;新建35个省级High skill人才培养示范基地、5个重点产业急需紧缺技能人才培养基地、10个省级“一体化”教学示范基地、66个省级技能大师工作室、25个省级世界技能大赛重点赛项提升项目基地、30个省级Human resources品牌培训示范基地。(Responsible unit: Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Department of Education)
(5) Increase the application management of electronic vocational training vouchers。Electronic vocational skills training vouchers will be issued to qualified workers who are willing to receive training,We will comprehensively strengthen online and offline training applications and closed-loop management of the whole process,Implement the requirements of "real-name system, no transfer, certificate for certificate, and no license is priceless",Use vocational training vouchers to enhance the attractiveness of training,A total of 2.5 million vocational training vouchers were issued throughout the year,Effective use of more than 600,000。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组其他成员单位、省通信管理局)
Third, safeguards
1. Strengthen organizational leadership。“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组加强顶层谋划和统筹指导,及时解决推进难题。各级Human resources社会保障部门要发挥牵头作用,会同相关单位开展《365体育娱乐》执法检查、督导调研,制定配套政策措施并推进落实,提升工作合力。加强“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作调度考核,严格落实月调度、季通报、半年督导、全年总结制度。We will promote inter-provincial exchanges and cooperation to improve the quality and efficiency of our work and its social impact。(责任单位:各省辖市人民政府、济源示范区管委会、航空港区管委会,省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组成员单位、省通信管理局)
2. Strengthen training supervision。The training specialty of the training institution included in the management of the catalogue list is changed according to law,自变更之日起即可承担相应政府补贴性培训任务;培训机构可将不超过总课时40%的理论学习部分,依托目录清单内的互联网平台进行培训;建设全省“互联网+职业技能培训”统一监管平台,对未纳入监管系统的互联网平台组织的培训结果不予认可;previous培训项目未考核或考核结束不足一个月的,相关人员不得再次参加政府补贴性培训;对“互联网+职业技能培训”平台存在快进播放、多窗口学习、连续5分钟内无弹窗管控、无法进行人脸活体比对、专业课程学习不按内容先后顺序设置管理、每课时无随机保留影像照片等情形之一的,培训结果不予认可;纳入省年度目录清单管理的线上培训平台新增培训视频资料须报省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组办公室审核同意;对违反规定的平台,From the date of discovery shall not participate in the subsidized training of our provincial government。(责任单位:省Human resources社会保障厅、省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组成员单位、省通信管理局)
3. We will strengthen overall oversight of funds。各级财政部门要通过就业补助资金调整、失业保险基金提取、财政资金支持和统筹部门培训资金、地方人才经费以及行业产业发展经费等多种方式,加大对“人人持证、技能河南”建设经费支持,做到应保尽保。We will increase the proportion of employment subsidies used for training and evaluation subsidies to no less than 15% of the total funds during the year。We will support local governments in further refining subsidy policies and increase support for advanced manufacturing and training of highly skilled personnel。Strengthen audit, inspection and rectification of problems, collect funds allocated in violation of regulations, and deal with them in accordance with laws and regulations。对挪用、占用、截留、以虚假培训套取、骗取资金以及违反政策规定、超逾权限搞政策变通造成资金使用不合规的,发现一起处理一起。At the same time, establish a fault tolerance and error correction mechanism, highlight the positive incentive, and protect the enthusiasm of the specific executive level officers。(责任单位:各省辖市人民政府,济源示范区、航空港区管委会,省财政厅、省审计厅、省Human resources社会保障厅)
4. Strengthen publicity and guidance。建立技能河南宣传长效机制,聚焦技能河南建设、第十六届High skill人才表彰、职业院校改革发展、培训评价提质增效、世界青年技能日、职业教育活动周、职业技能竞赛等,加大宣传力度,讲好技能河南故事。Vigorously carry out into the enterprise, into the university, into the community, into the rural "four" publicity,We will foster and promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and artisans,Let "one skill in the body, one certificate in hand, and a road to prosperity paved at the foot" become a social consensus,To guide workers to establish a correct view of employment and talent,We will encourage more workers, especially young people, to develop their skills and serve the country。(责任单位:省委宣传部,各省辖市人民政府,济源示范区、航空港区管委会,省“人人持证、技能河南”建设工作领导小组成员单位、省通信管理局)
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2.2023 "Everyone has a certificate, skills Henan" construction target task guidance plan (provincial units)

3.Application Form for 2023 Government Subsidized Training Evaluation Funds


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